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Vicky Wale

Couples & Family Celebrant

Make the words count

Vicky Wale - Celebrant

Hi, I'm Vicky...

Five years ago, I got married. So much attention to detail went into the planning, from the dress to the cake to the favours, even down to the light up letters that would be on the dance floor in the evening.


We had the wedding of our dreams, in all ways but one! 

I actually didn’t know about celebrants at that time and just went down the registrar route. 

Now when I look back on my wedding day, the ceremony is the only part of the day that I didn’t really enjoy, it was very staged, impersonal, I only met the man who would be doing the ceremony five minutes before I walked down the aisle, he knew nothing about me and my husband but just read a generic script. 

It felt like a formality to go through before the celebrations could begin, It shouldn’t be that way!

If I could change one thing about my day, it would be that our ceremony was as memorable and enjoyable as the rest of the day was.

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Your journey with me

Let's Chat

You decide ‘Hey, I don’t want a regular registrar or religious ceremony. I want something totally awesome that’s completely personal that will be the highlight of the day’.

Lightbulb moment, you realise what you need is a celebrant, more specifically, me!

You contact me, we organise a meet up (preferably at the venue you’ve booked for the big day) we chat weddings or babies (depending on what ceremony you have contacted me for) be prepared to talk lots about yourself, where possible I’ll keep the tea and cake flowing!!

Book Me

After our meeting you can decide if its me you’d like for your ceremony, if it is, you pay a deposit and sign a contract just to make sure no one else snaps me up, then I get to work creating your wonderful ceremony.

Progress Check

On the lead-up to your big day I’ll be in touch so you can read through the script and add, alter, or tweak to your heart’s desires, until we have the ceremony that you love.

I will be available to you throughout if you want to talk through anything or need advice with vows or readings. Hey, I love anything ceremony related so even if you just want talk through what flavour cake you’re going to choose!!

The Big Day

Big day, I arrive early, looking the part ready to get stuck in with any preparations that need doing.

I’ll say some lovely things, you say some lovely things to each other, we sign a certificate and before you know it, you’ll all be toasting to one incredible day!!

Following the ceremony, I will slip away, leaving you to celebrate with your friends and family.

As a memento, you get a copy of your unique script as a lasting keepsake of your wonderful day.

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